13th Annual Day for Diplomats – November 7. 2023

‘13th Annual Day for Diplomats’

Orientation for Diplomats and Resource Fair

November 7, 2023

Explore  ‘What Foreign Diplomats Need to Know about Canada: Personal Reflections’ in this insightful primer published in collaboration with

EngageParlDiplo hosted the Annual Day for Diplomats on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at Carleton University’s Richcraft Hall. This event served as a unique platform for dynamic panels and thought-provoking discussions, offering valuable perspectives on Canada’s trade, investment climate, and political landscape.

Led by the Parliamentary Centre in collaboration with Carleton University, this initiative is free and open to all diplomats, including Heads of Mission, consuls, attachés (trade, cultural, military, etc.) and their spouses. Additionally, it welcomes those who may have missed previous events or expressed interest in the diverse topics covered in the program.

This year’s sessions delved into Canadian public opinion and business trends, featuring illuminating insights from journalists and academics who provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of politics. The occasion was further enriched by the presence of distinguished figures, including the Hon. Greg Fergus, Speaker of the House of Commons; MP Anita Vandenbeld, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Development; Yasemin Heinbecker, Deputy Chief of Protocol of Canada; and David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data. Their valuable contributions added depth to our understanding of Canada’s political, social, and economic landscape.

As we reflect on the discussions shared during the Annual Day for Diplomats, we are reminded of the challenges democracy is facing. As articulated in the Primer authored by Colin Robertson and Maureen Boyd, our shared objective is to restore trust in our institutions and revive civic virtues. This is particularly crucial given the widespread impact of social media, where misinformation and disinformation flourish. Collaboration and understanding are vital steps toward navigating these challenges and fostering a resilient, democratic society.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the speakers, sponsors, and attendees who played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this event. We look forward to continued collaboration in addressing the complex issues that lie ahead.

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About the Parliamentary Centre:

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The State of Play in Canadian Politics – Opinion Research by David Coletto, Abacus Data:

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Our Program:

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