The Urban Rural Divide – June 5, 2023

The Urban-Rural Divide

In an increasingly polarized world, many believe Canadians are becoming politically divided along urban-rural lines.
Has Canada become a tale of two solitudes? EngageParlDiplo wanted to test that perception with a data-driven evidence-based policy discussion. What are the differences? Where is the common ground? How to people self-identify in these categories?
We explored these questions and used statistics and research to drive a panel discussion on key issues that present challenges and opportunities to urban and rural Canadians alike.

What we discovered is some truth – and a lot of speculation – driving a wedge between these identities. Using science to bust some of the myths, we discovered the Urban-Rural nature of our country is really a tale of one Canada.

Good data informs positive outcomes. Good public policy and private sector support play an essential role in a healthy democracy.