Invitation: Webinar – Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

Invitation: Webinar – Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

As part of our ILGRP PROJECT in Africa, the Parliamentary Centre is hosting a gender-based webinar series. On March 16, our colleague and Gender expert, Darine Ben Amara, will provide an opportunity to deepen our knowledge on Gender-Based Analysis plus. During this webinar, we will get the opportunity to examine how programs, initiatives, and policies could impact differently, distinct groups of women, men, and people at different levels. More specifically, Darine will introduce the Gender-Based Analysis plus Approach and discuss its implementation.

The event will be broadcast live on Zoom by following this link: and it’s totally Free. During the audience question-and-answer session, virtual participants can submit questions using the live chat function on Zoom.

 In addition, attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of how they or Governments could:

  • Improved decision-making,
  • Improved communications,
  • Make better data and research capacity in link with the topic,
  • Enhanced effectiveness,
  • Increased empathy and engagement amongst co-workers,
  • Equality of opportunity.

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