Out Brief – Gender and Inclusive Governance

Out Brief – Gender and Inclusive Governance

On 12 November 2020, leading academics and policy experts discussed ways to bring forth best practices to address current gaps in the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) approach to democracy support in a conversation hosted by the Parliamentary Centre and moderated by Parliamentary Centre Associate, Dr. Gabrielle Bardall.

We are pleased to share this out-brief prepared by Dr. Bardall with you. The document highlights the key takeaways from the event, including recommendations to deepen FIAP’s impact in the under-leveraged area of democracy and governance support as well as salient quotes from our speakers. 

The Parliamentary Centre firmly believes that enhanced measures to advance women’s political decision-making and support for more inclusive democratic institutions are both vital for furthering gender equality and crucial for sustainable, democratic change. 

We believe that continued dialogue can ensure FIAP delivers on its ambitious goal of strengthening women’s political voice. We welcome you to attend our future events and to share your thoughts about the subjects of discussion on social media.

ParlCent – Inclusive Governance Dialogue Report