Update: Support for the Parliament of Armenia

Update: Support for the Parliament of Armenia


Despite the recent conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and the difficulties presented by the global pandemic, the Parliamentary Centre’s team is continuing to support the Armenian National Assembly to foster inclusive and accountable corporate governance. The Parliamentary Centre’s team has worked with the National Assembly’s senior management team to adapt to challenging circumstances. As a result, the first-ever Corporate Strategic Plan for the administration of parliament has been drafted.  

Gender equality and the inclusion of youth and people living with disabilities in the administration of parliament are important aspects of the plan. Pursuing a more diverse workforce will enable the Assembly to foster better cooperation with civil society.

Parliamentary staff’s ability to support elected representatives is a crucial part of the success of any legislature. Professional, diverse and well organized administrative staff enable Members of Parliament to make evidence-based decisions, utilize their time more effectively, and better represent citizen interests.

The support of Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan and the sustained interest and engagement of Secretary-General Tigran Galstyan and his team, have been essential for this success. Other development partners have also recognized the importance of the draft plan in guiding their support for the Assembly. 

The project is possible with the support of the Pro Dem Fund of Global Affairs Canada.