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Gender Equality & Empowerment

Supporting political gender equality and women’s  empowerment is the best way to build a more peaceful, more inclusive and more prosperous world.

Achieving political gender equality and advancing women’s rights and voice are core goals in all of our programming worldwide. We work to ensure that our legislative strengthening and parliamentary support initiatives contribute to transforming historic drivers of inequality. From aiding parliamentary defense committees to conduct gender analysis to assisting women’s caucuses to fighting against gendered disinformation and violence – the Parliamentary Centre is committed to gender equality in democracy.

As a democracy assistance organisation, the Parliamentary Centre is uniquely positioned to play a positively impactful role in promoting and supporting gender equality and social inclusion in the political sphere, as well as within its operations.

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Related Programs

Inclusive Legislatures for Gender-Responsive Policies

This project supports legislatures in Ghana and Togo to be more inclusive, gender-responsive and transparent. It addresses barriers to women’s participation in democratic processes and amplifies women’s voices, including COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

Parliamentary Accountability for the Security Sector (PASS) Ukraine

Through Parliamentary Accountability for the Security Sector (PASS Ukraine), the Parliamentary Centre and the Agency for Legislative Initiatives (ALI) will promote peace and stability in Ukraine, by supporting Ukrainian Parliament in overseeing and reforming the governance of the security sector.

Building Parliamentary Research & Gender Analysis Capacity at the Sub-national Level in Myanmar: Shan State Hluttaw

The project was successful in introducing members and staff of the country’s largest and most ethnically diverse sub-national parliament, the Shan State Hluttaw, to the value and methodology of gender-sensitive legislative research.