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Parliaments require effective and visionary leadership in order to serve as a central institution in a well-functioning democracy.

This includes both political leaders (Speakers, Deputy Speakers, Committee Chairs) and administrative leaders (Clerks, Department Heads), who need to work together to provide direction and manage the business – and politics – of parliament. The parliamentary administration is essential to support parliamentarians to do their jobs effectively. It offers efficient and accountable non-partisan support to elected representatives, while preserving the collective memory and traditions of the institution.

The Parliamentary Centre recognizes the diversity of actors essential to the effective operation of parliament, and mobilises Canadian and international parliamentary leaders – active and former – to support its partners. Parliamentary Centre responds to the specific needs of political and administrative leaders by developing a coaching plan with them to ensure greater performance and individual growth during their mandate. Through this approach of peer-to-peer learning and targeted capacity building, the Parliamentary Centre has helped improve the knowledge and skills of several thousands parliamentarians and parliamentary staff in a wide range of competences, from the drafting of legislations to media relations.

Sometimes, supporting Members of Parliament and legislatures begins at the election stage. The Parliamentary has also developed a six-cycle training program to empower women electoral candidates, with the aim to increase the representation of women in the decision-making process and as elected representatives.



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Related Programs

Common Support Program to the Burkina National Assembly (PROCAB)

Common Support Program to the Burkina National Assembly (PROCAB)

This project focuses on strengthening the capacity of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso through a multi-faceted and targeted support for the Speaker, the 127 MPs, and the parliamentary staff that assist them to perform their functions of representation, legislation and oversight in a more effective, transparent and responsible manner.

Ghana Parliamentary Committee Support Project, Phase Two

Ghana Parliamentary Committee Support Project, Phase Two

By providing multifaceted support to build committee capacity and impact, six partner Committees of the Parliament of Ghana have been direct beneficiaries of the project. It has directly contributed to the passage of strategic legislations towards sustained poverty reduction, namely the Human Trafficking Act and the Domestic Violence Act (Act 732).

Haiti Parliamentary Support Project (HPSP)

Haiti Parliamentary Support Project (HPSP)

Launched in December 2006, the goal of the project was to contribute to the strengthening of political governance and the promotion of national dialogue. As part of the HPSP, the training program for the empowerment of female electoral candidates contributed to the promotion of gender equality in Parliament.