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Our Strategy 2021-2024

Our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan has benefited from the perspectives and advice of over 100 key stakeholders. From the Prime Minister’s Office, Global Affairs Canada (GAC), current and former parliamentarians, political parties, and leading Canadian and international civil society organizations (CSOs) and academics — we are deeply grateful for the contributions of everyone that took the time to help us craft our path for the future.

The results of our consultations were clear.

Democracy is facing unprecedented threats at home and abroad.  Rising populism, authoritarianism and misinformation are eroding confidence in democracy.  The global pandemic has sidelined parliaments, limited space for public discourse and undermined important advancements for women’s political voice.  There is a consensus that Canada can – and must – play a more significant role in supporting democracy along with other international partners.

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We are already hard at work implementing this new vision.

We are deepening our longstanding partnerships with the Parliament and the Government of Canada . We are renewing the focus on advancing shared priorities that place democracy at the heart of foreign policy. The Parliamentary Centre will deliver on essential commitments to expand the availability of Canadian expertise to support inclusive democracy. We will help ensure that Canada is a world leader in the field.

We are also strengthening our staff complement, bolstering our internal management, renewing our Board of Directors, developing new partnerships and diversifying our funding to enable the private sector and other international partners to support our work.

New initiatives underway

EngageParlDiplo an exciting collaboration with Carleton University where decision-makers and diplomats dialogue about crucial issues affecting Canada’s governance and global influence.  The initiative provides orientation programming to introduce Canada’s democratic institutions to newly elected MPs following each election and to new diplomats arriving in Canada annually.  EngageParlDiplo will also support research to create and sustain important policy discussions to help us develop more impactful programming in developing democracies.

We are also preparing to launch an exciting new program to support parliaments in Africa to develop institutional reform and public engagement strategies to increase the impact of women in elected office and civil society.  The active participation of Canadian legislators and CSOs will be central to these efforts.

We invite you to learn about our exciting path forward presented in our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, and we look forward to continuing to engage with you to advance these shared goals in the years ahead.


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