Our Program

Founded in 2011, EngageParlDiplo was created to offer orientation session for newly elected Members of Parliament and Diplomats, as well as policy panels for both groups. Initially known as the Carleton Initiative for Parliamentary and Diplomatic Engagement, this program is now overseen by the Parliamentary Centre in partnership with Carleton University.

Exciting Initiatives

A Unique Engagement Opportunity

EngageParlDiplo supports meaningful conversations that will shape Canada’s evolving role in an increasingly complex world. It will expand the knowledge of critical domestic and foreign policy issues essential for Canadian leadership. It will amplify efforts to build more inclusive institutions and benefit national political and diplomatic communities. Through carefully designed events and activities, EngageParlDiplo will strengthen democratic institutions in Canada and elsewhere.

EngageParlDiplo also supports research partnerships with universities, think tanks and students to create and sustain important policy discussions that can help us develop more impactful programming in developing democracies.

Global Dialogues

EngageParlDiplo will feature Global Dialogues to foster impactful discourse with Canadian and international legislators, diplomats and senior government officials on issues such as: