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The Parliamentary Centre was originally established to strengthen the capacity of Canada’s parliament, offering research and consultation services to multiple parliamentary committees. Today, we continue to support the Canadian Parliament and provincial legislatures in their lawmaking, oversight and representative roles with an aim to foster better governance and a stronger Canadian society.

By providing support services to senior parliamentary staff and elected officials, the Parliamentary Centre helps them become better managers and leaders to increase their institution’s performance. The Centre seeks to build bridges between legislatures and the citizens they represent using practical engagement tools.


In keeping with our mission to foster engagement as a fundamental pillar of well-functioning 21st century democracies, the Parliamentary Centre has developed an online engagement platform that we offer to parliamentarians: EngageParl.

Easy to use, our EngageParl platform is ideally suited for parliamentary and constituency work, providing a safe environment for online participation and effective deliberative engagement. Thanks to 24/7 moderation in French and English, our platform provides capacity for engagement in a safe, information-rich environment through an integrated range of online feedback tools.

While it is available for all our overseas projects, we have also built onto it a service for Canadian parliamentarians wanting to increase their ability to more effectively engage with their constituents. This was made possible through a partnership with Bang the Table for the exclusionary use of their platform for parliamentarians.

Try it yourself! Contact us to discover its features in a personalized demo at : engageparl@parlcent.org
Focus: Citizen Engagement; Online Consultation

Democracy Rebooted is a three-part hackathon where participants will collaborate to design new strategies to address democratic challenges using an interdisciplinary approach. This is an ongoing program for young people, to involve them more in the Canadian democracy. As part of the program, the Parliamentary Centre is launching a three-part hackathon this year where participants will work together to devise innovative strategies using democratic tools. Over 100 agents of change will be attending, including parliamentarians, youth, academics, civil society organizations and business leaders. Each edition will focus on different societal issues, such as climate change or open-government.

Democracy Rebooted: Youth Hacks Climate Change
Fall 2020
For more details about this edition of the event, click here.
Focus: Citizen Engagement; Youth and Democracy