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Our Associates

Building on our historical relationship with the Canadian Parliament and provincial legislatures, we involve acting and former parliamentarians and parliamentary staff in our international work. In addition, our roster of experts includes former elected officials and senior parliamentary staff, including former Clerks and Speakers of the Senate and House of Commons, as well as international experts with a wide range of expertise.

Gabrielle Bardall

Gabrielle Bardall Ph.D. is the founder and principal of Herizon Democracy consulting group and an affiliated researcher with the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa. For nearly 20 years, Gabrielle has worked in over 50 countries worldwide for a variety of UN agencies and international organizations, including UNDP, DPKO, UN Women, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems and the Carter Center. She specializes in elections and democracy assistance, especially promoting women’s political rights in post-conflict and authoritarian states.

Gabrielle holds degrees from McGill University, Sciences-Po Paris and l’Université de Montreal. She received the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship for her work in the area of violence against women in politics. Gabrielle is a prolific author and experienced trainer and advisor.

Marc Bosc

Marc Bosc joined the Parliamentary Centre as an Associate in September 2020. An accomplished parliamentary professional with over 30 years of experience with the House of Commons, he carried out the duties of Clerk of the House from 2014 to 2017 and is an expert in parliamentary governance, procedure and administration. Marc holds a B. Comm. and an M. A. in Public Administration from Carleton University. Marc has an established reputation and network as a leader among Clerks/Secretaries General of other parliaments worldwide.

Since his retirement from parliamentary service, Marc has provided expert consulting services to a number of parliaments in Africa and the Middle East. Marc is committed to assisting parliaments as they strive to strengthen their governance structures and administrative independence.

Paul C. Belisle

Paul C. Belisle is a consultant specializing in the field of parliamentary corporate governance and on matters of rules, procedures and practices relevant to the effective functioning of the houses of parliaments and their committees.

He has spent 50 years working with parliaments. Thirty-nine years as an official in the Senate of Canada, Paul was, for sixteen years, Clerk (Secretary General) of the Senate and Clerk of the Parliaments in Canada, leading a team of over 500 employees. For the past ten years, he has worked as a consultant leading international seminars and working groups on the provision of resources and services to Parliaments to enhance democracy in many countries, including Bangladesh, Bénin, Cambodia, Fiji, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Myanmar, Nigeria Togo and Armenia.

He is an honorary officer of the Parliament of Canada and of the Canadian Society of Clerks-at-the-Table and a recipient of prestigious awards of recognition, including the Queen Elizabeth 2nd Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Golden Jubilee Medal, L’Ordre de la Pléiade and the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal.

Geoff Dubrow

Geoff Dubrow is a consultant with 20 years’ experience strengthening the nexus between parliamentary oversight and Public Financial Management (PFM).

Geoff is the author of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy’s policy brief on The Role of Parliament in Public Debt Management. Geoff recognizes that a key (but often absent) factor in effective debt management is political leadership and political will. This has led Geoff to advocate for stronger debt management practices and for an enhanced role for parliament in oversight of public debt management. Geoff has also shared his debt management experience with Global Affairs Canada and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

Laurenne Garneau

Laurenne Garneau is a gender equality and social inclusion specialist with 25 years of experience promoting gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in sectors such as agriculture, renewable and non-renewable natural resources management, entrepreneurship and trade. Her innovative work in Canada and abroad has resulted in better policies and programs that support the ability of women to develop their agency, defend their rights and take part in decision making in both the private and public spheres.

Laurenne represented Canada as Head of Development Cooperation in both Myanmar and the Philippines. She also led the environment and development portfolio while posted to Indonesia. Laurenne’s international work has also taken her to Central and South America, Cuba, Haiti, Tunisia, Egypt and Francophone Africa.

In 2017, she began her work as an independent professional specializing in the issues of gender equality and social inclusion. She brings proven approaches and innovation to projects and policy-making and also contributes to the strategic positioning of organizations on gender equality. The Forum of Federations, Right to Play, the Parliamentary Centre and Développement Desjardins International are among the organizations Laurenne had the privilege to recently work with.

Stephanie Lynn

After twenty years as an international democracy development practitioner, Stephanie Lynn returned to Canada in 2016, joining Strategic Communications (Stratcom) to head up its Vancouver office and the company’s Research & Engagement services in western Canada. Now a Vice President responsible for its Research & Engagement work across Canada – and with clients in Asia and the UK – Stephanie moderates focus groups, designs and delivers polling and large-scale engagement campaigns and provides public speaking and message training for clients at all three levels of elected office, unions, advocacy organizations and charities.

Building on her legacy leading in-country programs for Democracy International and the National Democratic Institute, Stephanie continues to provide expert training and advising to democracy practitioners through the Parliamentary Centre, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and the Danish Institute for Parties & Democracy. Prior to her work abroad, Stephanie served for seven years as an organizer for the BC New Democratic Party and as an Order-in-Council appointment with the BC Minister of Finance and Minister of Health. She is an active member of the NDP today.

Stephanie holds a Certificate in Systems Thinking from Cornell University and a BA (Hons) in Anthropology from the University of British Columbia.

Elizabeth Weir

Elizabeth Weir is a senior international expert with extensive experience training parliamentarians, political party activists, and candidates. As a trainer and conference speaker, she has worked in a wide range of transitional and post-conflict democracies in Central and East Asia, the Balkans, East, West and North Africa, the South Pacific and Northern Ireland.

A former parliamentarian, senior government official, and political party leader, Weir brings an exceptional range of experience to her work as a trainer. She is an expert on gender-sensitive parliaments and internal structures for gender equality in political parties. Her election experience consists of participation in five international election observation missions, including as a member of the leadership team for the 2013 Jordanian election. In 2014, Weir received accreditation as a Parliamentary Development Advisor for UNDP’s Roster of Experts in Parliamentary Development.

Our Partners

We develop our activities in close cooperation with partner organizations to strengthen the intercultural sensitivity of our support to the local communities. Over the years, we have developed many partnerships that have contributed greatly to the success of our programs. You will find below a list of our most recent partners.

Oxford Policy Mangement

Yons Associates

PGF Consultants



Women and Youth Development Institute of Indonesia