Annual Report 2021: New Leadership for Inclusive Democracy

Annual Report 2021: New Leadership for Inclusive Democracy

May 30, 2022, Ottawa. The Parliamentary Centre launched it 2021 Annual Report today.

Democracy in the world faces greater threats today than at any point in our lifetimes. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its use of brutal tactics against civilians is a direct attack against the international human rights system that we rely on. Nearly 170 million more people are now ruled by soldiers who have illegally seized power following coup d’états in Mali, Myanmar, Chad, Guinea and Burkina Faso in 2021-2022. Governments from Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ethiopia and beyond have exploited COVID-19 and corresponding legal measures to curtail civil liberties and repress civil society criticism of government.  Throughout the world, corrosive disinformation and misinformation are eroding confidence in democracy and giving rise to populist movements that threaten to reverse gains made by equity-seeking groups.

The Parliamentary Centre is proud to be Canada’s global leader for democracy. Canada stands on the cusp of re-affirming its engagement to support democracy in the world in new and important ways. We are at the ready to move forward together in this vital mission.

In 2021, the Parliamentary Centre demonstrated New Leadership for Inclusive Democracy. Guided by our new strategic plan, we worked with parliaments, political parties, government, diplomats, civil society and the private sector at home and worldwide as a recognized and trusted partner. Our programs from Ukraine to Burkina Faso to Armenia and home in Canada demonstrated our bold and dynamic practice. Looking inwards, we advanced on our goal to transform our organizational culture to make it more resilient, entrepreneurial and ambitious.

Learn more about our achievements, impacts and forward goals in our newly released 2021 Annual Report.

2021 English Annual Report Compressed

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