Commentary: Feminist Foreign Policy Dialogue Submission

Commentary: Feminist Foreign Policy Dialogue Submission


To be successful, a Feminist Foreign Policy should be accompanied by a renewed and clear commitment to democracy strengthening support as crucial to effective foreign policy.

As Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy is expanded into a Feminist Foreign Policy, Global Affairs has put out a call for dialogue submissions. What follows is the Parliamentary Centre’s submission to Global Affairs Canada prepared by Parliamentary Centre Associate, Dr. Gabrielle Bardall.

We look forward to engaging with Global Affairs expanding on the ideas proposed, particularly that support for strengthening democratic institutions is at the centre of a new Feminist Foreign Policy.  Reformed institutions are crucial to ensuring the political voice and decision-making power of women and marginalized groups is realized.

The submission represents the views of the author who enjoys the support Centre’s management. However, it does not constitute an endorsement from the Board of Directors of the Parliamentary Centre.

Read the full submission here.