Continuing Support to the National Assembly of Armenia After Successful Elections

Continuing Support to the National Assembly of Armenia After Successful Elections

Congratulations to the people of Armenia for the successful election of a new parliament.

In the coming months, we will continue to consult Civil Society Organizations and the National Assembly (NA) to encourage more opportunities for youth, women and persons with disabilities to work in parliament. By building a dialogue between CSOs and the NA administration, we hope to help develop parliament into a model for the whole nation and provide employment opportunities to traditionally marginalized groups, making parliament a more inclusive space, for a more inclusive democracy.

We also plan to explore the possibility of an international Canada-Armenia internship program that could provide opportunities for young people in Parliamentary Administration. This would be an important capacity-building exercise and provide valuable knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Additionally, a first-of-its-kind 5-year corporate Strategic plan, and an accompanying operational plan for the administration of the National Assembly, is being finalized. We look forward to continuing to accompany the administration in charting a new course to ensure a more professional parliamentary staff better equipped to support parliamentarians.

Lastly, we will offer additional training and ongoing expert support for the National Assembly’s managers in key areas like human resource management, public relations and public education on the work of parliament.

The establishment of a professional, non-partisan parliamentary administration is essential to Armenia’s democratic future. You can read more about the ‘Support to Parliamentary Reform in Armenia’ project:

With the Support of the Pro-Dem Fund of Global Affairs Canada, the Parliamentary Centre is continuing its work on the project ‘Support to Parliamentary Reform in Armenia’ until December 31, 2021.