Our Programs

Europe / Eurasia

The Parliamentary Centre launched its international programming in the early 1990s, driven by the transformation period in Eastern Europe that brought parliaments back to their major role in political life as one of the main branches of power.

Since then, we have assessed needs, formulated and implemented projects in support of the legislatures and other governance actors of a number of countries on the continent. This includes Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey, and Ukraine.


The project supports the Secretary General of the new Armenian Parliament and his team to draw up a new organisational structure and a framework for a new working process of the administration of parliament that are realistic, affordable, gender-sensitive, and reflect in the best possible way the support needs of the new cohort of parliamentarians, including women legislators. This will include support to draft an outline of priorities and an approach to coordinating various international assistance inputs needed for the success of the parliamentary administration reform in the longer run.

The project was submitted to GAC’s new Pro Dem funding mechanism and was approved in the fall of 2019 giving birth to our first project in Armenia.

Focus: Parliamentary Institution; Parliaments and Gender; Needs Assessment and Project Design
Funder: Global Affairs Canada

The Euromaidan events in 2013 led to a new era in Ukraine, where the people demanded democratic reforms and a more open, transparent and inclusive governance of the country. To support the ability of the Rada to address key areas of national interest, the Support to the Rada Project assisted in the strengthening of the Ukrainian Parliament and its interactions with civil society and other governance actors. The Parliamentary Centre implemented the project in partnership with the Ukrainian NGO Agency for Legislative Initiatives.

October 2015 – March 2016
Focus: Democratic Oversight of the Security Sector; Civil Society Organizations
Funder: Global Affairs Canada