Open Government Week

Open Government Week

This week, the Parliamentary Centre is celebrating Open Government Week by highlighting how our programs contribute to making government work better along with the importance of standing with brave citizens to protect and renew democratic values around the world. The Open Government Partnership (OGP)  brings together government leaders, civil society advocates and citizens in a unique partnership—one that promotes transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable governance.

Canada is currently implementing 10 commitments from their 2018-2020 action plan featuring commitments related to financial and corporate transparency and accountability, digital government and services, access to information and feminist and inclusive dialogue among others. 

Overall,  members of the OGP strive to “foster a global culture of open government that empowers and delivers for citizens, and advances the ideals of open and participatory 21st century government.” Reflecting the values of the OGP, the Parliamentary Centre’s Inclusive Legislatures for Gender Responsive Policies program supports the parliaments of Ghana and Togo to be more transparent.  In Armenia, we’re helping the Parliament enhance its organisational structure and develop a framework for a new working process of the administration of parliament that is more transparent and gender-sensitive. Through the crisis in Ukraine, we are supporting Ukrainian MPs to reach out and communicate with their peers around the world, to have their needs heard.

The Parliamentary Centre is committed to advancing transparent, participatory, inclusive and accountable governance. Join us in celebrating progress towards open government.

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